Tyre Repair Shop

Sale of tyres, tyre tubes and valves for the contractual partners.

Professional service staff performs: wheel balancing, tyre puncture repairs, repairs with thermo-press, bonding of tyre tubes and casings.

Our wide offer of dominant brand name Barum Continental offers tyres for buses, freight vehicles and cars, vans, off-roads, agricultural and industrial machinery.

Treads for freight vehicles.

We also offer tyres from other producers.


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Address: Jiráskova 1424/78, JIHLAVA 

Phone: +420 567 121 111

E-mail: info@icomtransport.cz

Job Opportunities

The transport group ICOM transport is a dynamically developing company seeking new employees for its branches.
We are seeking to fill the following posts:

Driver of international freight transport
- Previous experience in international freight transport required
- Driving licence group E

Driver of domestic freight transport
- Driving licence group E
- Previous experience is an advantage

Freight transport supervisor
- Minimum high school education in economic or technical fields
- Previous experience is an advantage

Bus driver
- Driving licence group D
- Three-year’s experience

Freight transport technician
- Minimum high school education in the technical field

Job applicants contact the transport group ICOM transport a.s. na info@icomtransport.cz