Mercedes Benz Service

Authorised service for freight and utility vehicles and buses of the Mercedes Benz network operating 24 hours per day , equipped with top diagnostic systems.

We carry out guarantee and post-guarantee services and repairs of all listed Mercedes Benz vehicles and buses.



  1. Vehicle control systems
  2. Motor control systems
  3. Electric vehicle installations
  4. Brakes – realignment of brakes of full sets on bench
  5. Central lubrication
  6. Measuring and adjustment of geometry
  7. Bodies
  8. Paintwork
  9. All common repairs
  10. Truck covers


  1. Cabs and frames
  2. Aggregates
  3. Groups and subgroups of chain-belts
  4. Changes and bonding of windscreens

Repairs and installations: Trumatic independent gas heaters

Spare parts sale:

  1. Sale of Mercedes Benz spare parts
  2. Shell top oils

Other services:

  1. guarantee and post-guarantee service of SCHMITZ and PANAV makes.


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Address: Jiráskova 1424/78, JIHLAVA 

Phone: +420 567 121 111


Job Opportunities

The transport group ICOM transport is a dynamically developing company seeking new employees for its branches.
We are seeking to fill the following posts:

Driver of international freight transport
- Previous experience in international freight transport required
- Driving licence group E

Driver of domestic freight transport
- Driving licence group E
- Previous experience is an advantage

Freight transport supervisor
- Minimum high school education in economic or technical fields
- Previous experience is an advantage

Bus driver
- Driving licence group D
- Three-year’s experience

Freight transport technician
- Minimum high school education in the technical field

Job applicants contact the transport group ICOM transport a.s. na