Domestic Transport

For domestic freight transport, ICOM transport a.s. mainly transports groceries. The type of goods also determines the technology – mainly box-van trailers.
Our partners require a precise fulfilment of loading times at the customer’s premises and delivery times into the commercial network.


To secure their maximum satisfaction, central transport supervision has been established in Jihlava that plans the optimum usage of the transport group ’ s vehicles.

The transport supervisors have at their disposal a modern computer system for transport planning; the vehicles are monitored on-line by G PS/GSM units that enable to promptly get information on vehicle movement and the activities of the drivers.

The advantage for our customers is the opportunity of freight transport “in floors”, i.e. on two floors. To this end the trucks are equipped with their own handling technology.


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Address: Jiráskova 1424/78, JIHLAVA 

Phone: +420 567 121 111


Job Opportunities

The transport group ICOM transport is a dynamically developing company seeking new employees for its branches.
We are seeking to fill the following posts:

Driver of international freight transport
- Previous experience in international freight transport required
- Driving licence group E

Driver of domestic freight transport
- Driving licence group E
- Previous experience is an advantage

Freight transport supervisor
- Minimum high school education in economic or technical fields
- Previous experience is an advantage

Bus driver
- Driving licence group D
- Three-year’s experience

Freight transport technician
- Minimum high school education in the technical field

Job applicants contact the transport group ICOM transport a.s. na