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ICOM transport a.s. has over the past ten years become one of the largest and most modern transport groups in Europe.

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ICOM transport a.s.’s main strategy is transport service for large customers using its own modern technology. Each year we update and partly change our fleet so customers can take advantage of a reliable and strong partner with the best possible technical equipment.

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Our team and know-how offer our partners customized solutions so their transportation is efficient and trouble-free. We are even able to provide services such as a 24-hour-duty vehicle or purchase of 100 vehicles meeting special transportation needs. We are always able to inform our business partners about the precise location of a vehicle.

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ICOM transport a.s. takes ecological factors seriously. This is reflected in our purchase of vehicles meeting the EURO 3 norms as well as modernization of buildings and continuous monitoring of the quality of supplied fuels, tyres, treads and employee training. All these efforts have a favourable effect on the environment.


1949 - Establishment of state owned enterprise ČSAD (Czechoslovak Automobile Transportation) Jihlava s.p., which, through the nationwide network of branches, provides regular and charter bus and freight automobile transport.

1992 - Privatisation of ČSAD Jihlava s.p.

1994 - Entry of Mr Zdeněk Kratochvíl into ČSAD Jihlava s.p. The company undergoes significant changes of organisation and economic management.

1996 - ČSAD Jihlava a.s. emerges from among the other ČSAD branches and changes its business name to ICOM transport a.s.

1996 - ICOM transport a.s. becomes the authorised repairing company of Mercedes Benz

1997 - The general meeting approved the merger of ICOM transport a.s. with ČSAD Pelhřimov a.s. ICOM transport a.s. is thus the largest transport company of the Českomoravská Vysočina region.

2000 - ICOM transport a.s. obtains majority ownership of shares of ČSAD Jindřichův Hradec a.s., ČSAD Benešov a.s., ČSAD Slaný a.s. and ČSAD Ústí nad Orlicí a.s.

2001 - Obtaining c ertificate ISO 9001:2000 encompassing the activity of “International and domestic road transport with own vehicles including transport controlled by ADR and ATP regulations”.

2003 - ICOM transport a.s. becomes a 100% owner of the companies TRADO BUS, s.r.o. and TRADO MAD, s.r.o. located in Třebíč.

Today, the transport group ICOM transport a.s. operates up to 1,400 vehicles with an average age of four years and employs 2,000 people.


Since the entry of Mr Kratochvíl into ČSAD Jihlava a.s. ICOM transport a.s. (until 1996 ČSAD Jihlava a.s.) has been continuously growing.The first company that joined the ICOM transport a.s. family was ČSAD Pelhřimov a.s.

Three years later ICOM transport a.s. obtained a majority share of ČSAD Jindřichův Hradec a.s., ČSAD Slaný a.s., ČSAD Benešov a.s. and ČSAD Ústí nad Orlicí a.s. and was incorporated into the important transport groups in Europe. Following extensive investment into these companies and transition to a unified management system – used in ICOM transport a.s. – the transport group became one of the most modern.

In 2003, the family was enlarged by two new companies ( TRADO-MAD, s.r.o Třebíč and TRADO-BUS s.r.o. Třebíč), and ICOM transport a.s. strengthened its position.

The transport group ICOM transport a.s. at present owns 1,400 vehicles and employs 2,000 people

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The ICOM transport Group provides services to customers in the following industrial branches:

  • food industry
  • automotive industry
  • other branches of industry
  • perishable goods

We customize the vehicle fleet in order to meet the needs of individual customers and to reduce their transport costs.
References from our customers shall be furnished to you upon request.


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Address: Jiráskova 1424/78, JIHLAVA 

Phone: +420 567 121 111

E-mail: info@icomtransport.cz

Job Opportunities

The transport group ICOM transport is a dynamically developing company seeking new employees for its branches.
We are seeking to fill the following posts:

Driver of international freight transport
- Previous experience in international freight transport required
- Driving licence group E

Driver of domestic freight transport
- Driving licence group E
- Previous experience is an advantage

Freight transport supervisor
- Minimum high school education in economic or technical fields
- Previous experience is an advantage

Bus driver
- Driving licence group D
- Three-year’s experience

Freight transport technician
- Minimum high school education in the technical field

Job applicants contact the transport group ICOM transport a.s. na info@icomtransport.cz